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Our COVID-19 Response



At Lash Xxotica we’re committed to optimal customer experience even in these uncertain times. Your health and safety are our top priority. We have implemented new safety measures and operational changes and will continue to do all we can to create the most sterile environment for the services we provide.




Increased Cleanliness/ Sanitization


  • A ten minute buffer will be added after each client to sanitize our station before the next client’s use.


  • We will be performing a deep cleaning twice daily (between shifts)


  • We use EPA grade disinfectants only i.e. bleach solution, concentrated lysol solution, barbicide etc.


  • Beds will be covered in a non woven disposable paper per each client


  • Sterilizations of non-disposable utensils (i.e. tweezers etc.)- utensils will be completely submerged in barbicide (a virucide) for at least 10 minutes (recommended usage) and then sterilized in a high temperature sterilizer or ultrasonic then placed in a sterile package before reuse.

  • Lash xxotica uses as many disposable products as possible i.e. mascara wands, glue cups, eye pads, microblading equipment etc. 


  • Clients will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before service upon entry of suite.

  • Staff will be required to wash hands before/after service, upon entry to suite, after eating, cleaning, restroom usage or whenever deemed necessary.

  • No shoes allowed on our servicing tables.


Personal Protection Equipment 


  • Mask and gloves are required for all team members. Face shields and goggles will be provided and will be worn at the techs discretion.


  • Clients will be required to wear a face mask to be serviced. If you do not have your own face mask a surgical face mask will be provided to you at the cost of $3.00 to be added to your service total.



Health and wellness


  • If you are experiencing cold, flu, or covid-19 like symptoms you will not be serviced. We kindly ask you to reschedule for a time in which you are well.


  • Any beauty provider experiencing aforementioned symptoms will not be allowed to provide services and can return to work after clearance from a Dr. Clients will be notified and rescheduled for a later date or with a different technician.


  • No more than 4 people in either suite at a given time.


  • No unserviced guest to enter non waiting area.


A Touch Free Experience


  • Payments- Our square device is compatible for these contactless card payment services

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay

Google Pay


 Check out these videos for instructions on how to download these services to your smartphone device:








We will also offer the option to pre-pay and/or invoices


We STILL except cash payments. As these are just options.


  • Our sink and soap dispensers are now all motion censored.


  • Hand mirrors will be replaced will wall mirrors at each station.

  • Printable new client/service forms and waivers available to for pre-fill before your appointment

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